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Changing GVM working path to External SDHC

The gvmlauncher specifies working(correctly write) path on loading gvm. Nokia-N810-23-14:~# ps -ef|grep gvm 10240 user 24544 SW< /usr/bin/gvm/gvmlauncher 10350 user 165996 SW< /usr/bin/gvm/gvm -R -H -w /home/user/.gvm --dynheap=2 This is on the intenal memory, so i want to change it to external SDHC. It is very simple, do as following. Backup current files under .gvm (you can use tar from terminal) and remove .gvm Make directory “gvm” on the external SDHC (e.g. /media/mmc1/gvm ) Restore files to the directory make symbolic link from external memory to original memory (ln -sf /media/mmc1/gvm /home/user/.gvm) Have Fun!! ;-) BTW, I use mmc1 with not vfat but ext2. format on a Linux Box.

Pobox on Gvm and Key Customization

On the Japanized GVM ROM, Japanese input method “POBox” installation and key customization to change FEP on/off. N810で引き続きGVM環境構築中。今度はPOBoxの導入。 みなさんすでに実施されているのかもしれませんが、キーカスタマイズの部分とかググって見つからなかったので自分用のメモです。 POBoxは超がたくさんつくほど有名な日本語入力システムですね。 POBox for Palm OS 5 展開したフ Read more